Newcastle: Newcastle ‘capital of the North’

NEWCASTLE – Newcastle put itself in the headlines today when it declared itself the ‘capital of the North’. The north-eastern city commended itself for its great shopping and... 
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Gillette solves global gently exfoliating smooth glide razor crisis

A new technology could eliminate the shortage of gently-exfoliating twin action razors afflicting women in many parts of the world. Research by American company Gillette claims that built-in... 
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US elections: Ron Paul pledges to sack self as president if elected

Staunchly anti-government Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has promised that his first action as American president would be to remove himself from office. “This country needs big... 
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News in brief

BREAKING: Something major apparently happening

CENTRAL LONDON, 9.35am – Something possibly really serious is happening right now, but the No Quarter is stuck behind dozens of news crews and can’t see a damn thing. Having slept... 
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