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Gillette solves global gently exfoliating smooth glide razor crisis

A new technology could eliminate the shortage of gently-exfoliating twin action razors afflicting women in many parts of the world.

Research by American company Gillette claims that built-in exfoliation pads in its new Venus Breeze 2.0 razor could end the plight of women forced to exfoliate after they shave – or in some extreme cases, not exfoliate at all.

LegShave415The findings, which were published this week in Cosmopolitan magazine, also suggest that using competing brands of razor may carry previously unknown risks for female shavers.

“Unlike the Venus 2.0, comparable products do not feature dimpled finger rests, twin-action spring-mounted blades or innovative micro-fins to gently stretch the skin,” said Gillette’s global marketing director Karl Raven.

Raven said Gillette will now be rolling out a major advertising campaign targeting the Venus Breeze 2.0 at women who will subsequently need them.

However, Raven cautioned against complacency, saying that the crisis facing women’s legs was far from over.

“We thought we had things under control with the Venus Vibrance, whose vibrating head brought relief to some of the worst-affected regions of women’s legs,” said Raven.

However, the razor industry has been rocked by recent surveys suggesting that nearly 20 percent of women still agree to some extent that streamlining their exfoliation and shaving activities might impact on their life in some positive way.

“We can’t just sit by and watch,” he said. “These women need a product.”

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