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US elections: Ron Paul pledges to sack self as president if elected

Ron-Paul2-460x307Staunchly anti-government Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has promised that his first action as American president would be to remove himself from office.

“This country needs big government off its back,” Paul said in a speech in Maine yesterday. “And as far as I can tell, government doesn’t come much bigger than the president.

“That’s why this campaign is going all the way to the White House,” Paul said to cheers from the crowd. “And right back out again.”

During his speech, the Texas congressman pledged to dramatically reduce the role of government in American life by stepping down directly after being sworn in as president.

“In fact, I won’t even bother getting sworn in. The moment you elect me as your president, I’ll start taking care of the necessary paperwork to make sure I’m out there on the double.”

By making himself unemployed, Paul would join the quarter of a million Americans set to patriotically lose their jobs in 2012.

Sources on the Paul campaign said they are exploring further ways to play the anti-government card during the nominee contest, including plans to bomb the White House.

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