The No Quarter is a satirical newspaper founded in 2005. Its mission is to bring you news you didn’t even realise was news. It was first published in Leeds in the north of England, where it was printed four times a year and would sit proudly in bars, cafes and record shops around the city.  One local magazine called it “a key touchstone of the city’s thriving counterculture.” We appreciated that, even if we didn’t quite know what it meant.

But things change. Mounting debt and a series of reckless business decisions led the No Quarter to close its Yorkshire bureau in 2007 and head for London. Leaving behind our beloved printed word, the No Quarter was relaunched online in July 2010. We’re very happy to be here; just don’t ask us what took so long.

The website features some content from the print archive, hence the occasional black and white photo and archaic date-stamp. Apart from that it’s all reporting from the contemporary world as we find it. If you’d like to read the original No Quarters in their entirety, you can visit our charmingly outdated website.

The No Quarter team:

Editors: Chris Cox, Martin Cornwell

Reporters: Sam Jones, Ben Craggs, Simon Judd, Joe Manning, Eloise Horsfield, Ollie Brock

Chief photographer: Karl Chillmaid